THE HARD FACTS Bigger is better A

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There is no doubt about it. Follow this logic: if there is no penis, there is no stimulation. If there is a one-inch penis with minimal girth or thickness then there is minimal stimulation. Get the message? Cruel as it may seem, it is honest. Remember, it’s a mass thing—more mass, more volume displaced, more surface area contacted, and so on. Romantic, I know. So one reason it makes sense to say bigger is better is because when we consider the opposite extreme, being “mass challenged” and contacting incredibly limited surface area, the answer is clear and we must concede the fact.

But wait! There’s a catch! This is not quite as simple as it sounds and there is a limit to the benefits of size. Let’s, for the sake of argument, call it “the ceiling effect”. See, while bigger is better, there is also a size that is, well, too big. Just imagine if instead of penis size we were discussing a man’s height. And let’s say that we were discussing a man’s height as it pertains to basketball. Now, who wouldn’t agree that taller is better when it comes to basketball? But what if the man were so tall that he towered over the basket itself. Can you imagine being so tall that you have to reach down towards the basket rather than reach up? More than likely, his height would lead to difficulty when the playing the sport.

If the game of love is played within similar physical boundaries, the boundaries of the human anatomy, proportionality becomes crucial. For most women, there is a limit when it comes to penis size and pleasure. Yet this is different for each woman (and further complicates our discussion) because even those with similar anatomies will argue when it comes to matters of opinion. And there’s more. A woman’s vaginal anatomy is dynamic and therefore, more variable than the height of a ceiling in a gymnasium. As a result, depending on a woman’s level of stimulation and arousal, as well as the actual mechanisms of intercourse, what is comfortable for one may not be comfortable for another (a fact that holds true for men, too).

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