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But back to the idea that bigger is better. Have you ever asked yourself, what does “better” really mean? Better invokes a comparison on more levels than just size, it cannot just be the mass of something that defines it as better or worse. So in the same breath that I tell you I haven’t changed my opinion that bigger is in fact better, I also assure you that I am not suggesting that a man with a bigger dick is a better lover than a man with a smaller one. Where’s the adventure if the only thing that matters is the size of your cock? And hey, the most sensitive part of the vagina is actually in the lower third of it, good news for guys of all sizes.

Consider the same man with the same penis having intercourse with the same female. In this common scenario bigger will be better most of the time. Are you even wondering why? It’s kind of obvious. Every other variable is being kept the same while the only thing changing is the erectile growth and the amount of stimulation achieved when the erect penis distends the walls of the vagina, the point of contact. So bigger is better in this scenario, right? Good, let’s get back to what better might mean.

In certain cases, better is not defined by bigger because of the specific experiences shared between two partners over a long period of time. That is why women typically answer the question of size with “it’s not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean”. And I assure you they know what they’re talking about. Women who have been with more than one man can often say that there are men from their past with smaller penises who have satisfied them more than men with larger ones.

So what does the “motion of the ocean” actually refer to? Well it refers to the way in which the penis penetrates the vagina—the angle, speed, force, rhythm, style, and position of penetration. With that in mind, don’t forget about collateral stimulation. How you touch a woman while in the process of penetrating her vagina with your penis is crucial, and the way you caress her with your hands, legs, body, mouth, words, and smells are all integral parts of arousal. If you are not considering the importance of collateral contact you are not giving yourself and your partner the chance to reap its benefits. After all, no matter what your penis size is, nothing replaces the natural guidance of your senses in understanding how a woman likes to be touched.

Before we move on, let me add that I intentionally avoid making the distinction between girth and length when discussion penis size because it only makes the discussion that much more complex. Women’s opinions on this topic, for instance, demonstrate a great deal of variability. Having said this I can also say that most women seem to prefer girth to length and they are less likely to complain about a man’s size in length if he has sufficient size in girth. I have interviewed women who stated that despite the larger-than-average length of their partner, they were somewhat disappointed because “he did not fill me the right way”.

Others have complained that rather than providing pleasure, a long slender penis creates unwanted sensations when touching the cervix. These results, however, are based on a handful of interviews and are not enough evidence to prove consensus among women. I met a woman a few years ago who very openly discussed her and her husband’s sex life. She said, My husband is six-foot-eight inches tall but has the penis of a six-foot-two-inch man. I don’t care how thick it is I just want it to reach deep inside. What she is referring to is the same feeling that another woman found awkward. Again, I must stress that a major aspect of pleasuring a woman involves understanding how to interpret her sensations.

So what does this all mean? Basically it means that while a sensation can lead to pleasure and, dare I say, contribute to mind-blowing orgasm in one woman, it can very well be uncomfortable and even painful in another. And to add one more layer to it all, I will remind you that while a certain feeling may be pleasant on one occasion or with one partner, it may very well be unpleasant and intolerable for the woman in another context.

No one has uncovered a natural way to increase the girth of your penis without increasing the length, or vice versa. Therefore, it is an irrelevant contemplation unless you are intending to surgically modify your organ. Simply put, you must work with what you have. And I want this to be clear, guys, the physical size of your penis will not be modified by any herb, supplement, or pill.

Now, you may still be confused. And you may think I’m speaking from both sides of my mouth. Is he still saying that bigger is better or is it the motion of the ocean now? Listen, I know this is a bizarre time, having to read a book to learn about your own cock must be frustrating. But believe me when I tell you that I would have loved it if someone told me what I am telling you. BIGGER IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE BETTER. I am going to give you another perspective with which to appreciate this concept and I think it will serve as a fitting transition to our next section.

Bigger is better for you, for me, and for all men. Do you get it? It’s okay if you don’t, that’s what this next section is all about. Bigger is better is a credo or philosophy best understood not from the perspective of what women want, but from the perspective of erectile size and how it contributes to the sexual function of every man. That is, learning how to achieve maximum erections will have a profound effect on the woman being penetrated (which she may or may not notice) and will certainly lead to significant results for the man carrying the erection.

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